Nathan Resnick

Hire me to Make Cold Email
Your #1 Sales Channel

This year, I will send 2,250,000+ emails on behalf of my clients, driving close to 10,000+ demos.

My clients are primarily B2B SaaS and Service companies. Not everyone is a fit.

Driving a few million in SaaS revenue every year.

I’ve worked with over 67 startups who have made cold email their #1 sales channel.

Nate Dadosky

Just previewed @naterez94  cold email course. Awesome content and great recommendations on tools and strategies for 2024.

Valeria Soto

As a account executive at a fast growing startup, this course helped me sell more and get more responses.

Anthony Chen

Having seen firsthand how Nathan scaled up his emails to become his top sales channel, I am super confident in his capabilities. He reveals it all in this deep dive of a course.

Grant Vollmer

If you are in sales or marketing, this is a must watch to make cold email perform for you. Learned a ton!

Arye Lifshitz

For any founder looking to scale their sales through cold email. Love the in depth nature of Nathan’s content.

Parker Burr

If cold email isn’t working for you, you should take this course. You will learn to make cold email work, just like I did.

This year, our emails will generate a few million in SaaS revenue.


With Nathan’s cold email course, I want able to better understand my CIP and adopt a strong framework for effectively reaching them. I look forward to using the many techniques and email tools Nathas provided to launch an extremly strategic and focused email campaign.

Christina Silveria

As a new business owner, the information provided really helps me understand the landscape of cold emails and best practices to maximize the rerurn. I feel much more confident in my strategy to bring in more clients!


I just finished watching your Cold Email Couse Video on Youtube.
I,ve worked in email marketing for 16+ years now for a number of different agencies and brands both full time and as a consultant. Although I have not worked with a tom of B2B clients that do cold emailing; I’ve worked with enough to know that this 30 minute video was super informative with a ton of nuggets that would typically take hours of research to find the “Right” answers to. With the ever changing landscape in digital and email marketing; you’ve done a great job honing in on the most important aspects of running a Successful cold email program at Scale. From the technical aspect with the tools you use, to the importance of Good, personalized copywriting, to understanding what KPI,s matter and to not getting discouraged by the naysayers.


Thanks so much for the informative course! It was super helpful and had a lot of golden nuggets i’ll be implementing in my approach. Nathan includes guidance on the entire process & technology, and puts in safeguards to ensure a successful long term strategy.

Daniel Abravanel

Sick outbound course! Loved the step by step walkghrough of setting up a personalized outbound chain with sequences. Really worth the watch and i will be employing some of these strategies next week!

I am results driven. Cold email doesn't work for every business. Below is what we'll need to do.

What we'll accomplish?


Getting started

Who is the buyer?

  • We test audiences and verify leads to ensure we’re landing in the right inbox.
  • Learn the secret to uncover the right buyer


Scaling emails without spam

Setup the right tech stack to ensure deliverability

  • How to never end up in spam?
  • How to warm up emails at scale?
  • Limits per domain 
  • Buying domains at scale 



How to get high open rates and high response rates

  • Effective hooks and subject lines
  • Sequences and how many emails to send



How to personalize every email?

  • Utilizing recent activity to better target
  • Personalizing images and videos



How to handle hundreds of replies at scale?

  • Why response time matters?
  • Next steps after a response?



How to warm up and scale outbound?

  • Effective ways to scale your campaigns
  • How to grow a cold email response team

Interested in working together?

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes your cold emails special?

In short, they are personalized at scale. I know how to get the highest responses by never making emails the same. I can include personalized images and videos. We’ve tested thousands of sequences to quickly find the best copy that will drive results.

How much does it cost to work with Nathan Resnick?

My services start at $3k/mo and go up from there depending on volume.

What companies are a fit?

I tend to work with three main types of companies:
1. Startups looking to find P/M fit. Using cold email we can rapidly test markets to see what resonates best.
2. Startups ready to scale. Cold email enables you to land in your buyer’s inbox, every time. We hyper target the right people and have driven 7x growth for some clients who have a great offer.
3. Services with a defined TAM. If you have specific buyer types in mind, like you’re a accountant for post Series B founders, this can work too.